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Account in Nigeria

Receive payment from any Nigeria bank account. You can use your account to make any transactions like airtime purchase, data purchase, and cable bills subscription.

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You can get transfers from any Nigerian bank account. Share your Nosh virtual bank account and get payments seamlessly.

Fund Wallet

With no extra charges, fund your naira wallet with your virtual account fund.

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Receive payments and make transfers with no fear of cyberthreat. Our security is premium to ensure your funds are safe.

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Request for support, anytime, any day. We are here to answer your questions.

You + NOSH = A Great Life

Receive payments easily from friends and families via your virtual bank account. You also get to skip the stress of queuing in banks just to withdraw money. It’s easier to make transfers, buy things online, and pay for utilities.
We have the necessary security measures in place to ensure your virtual account details and funds are both safe.

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FAQs About Virtual Bank Account In Nigeria

What is a Virtual Bank Account?
What’s the Difference Between a Virtual Bank Account and a Bank Account?
How Do I Create a Virtual Account?
Are there any Charges on Received Payments?

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