An Easy Guide to Paying Bills on NOSH: Cable TV Payment Simplified

Managing finances efficiently is essential in today’s society; which includes finding convenient ways of paying Cable/TV bills that do not involve unnecessary complexities. By using the NOSH App, you can achieve this easily and quickly without any concerns over security issues.

Brief Understanding of NOSH

NOSH is a user-friendly digital payment platform that makes payments effortless, that includes online subscriptions like Cable TV payments. Customised features ensure seamless multiple provider integrations onto the platform while eliminating risks associated with manual financial transactions or cheques.

Taking advantage of NOSH is easy, all you need to do first is visit the website or download the Nosh app via the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone, available firsthand while following through on a simple registration process. Thereafter, you’ll be able to begin making your Cable TV bill payments.

Cable TV subscription on NOSH

How to Pay Cable TV Bills on Nosh

Follow the below steps on how to easily pay your Cable TV bills such as GoTv, StarTimes and DsTv using the user-friendly Nosh App:

  1. Log in to the Nosh App or sign up if you are new to the app.
  2. Click on the “Bills” option within the dashboard.
  3. Afterwards, opt for “Cable | TV Bills”.
  4. Choose which provider serves you best via the dropdown menu feature labelled as “Select Cable Provider”.
  5. Now “Select Cable Plan” which displays all plans available on the Nosh App, then, choose your preferred plan.
  6. The amount you will pay will be displayed.
  7. Input the phone number
  8. Input the device number
  9. Then hit the ‘Purchase’ button below!

Managing Your Cable TV Bills on NOSH

You can make every bill payment timely by taking advantage of NOSH’s Multiple payment options that meet your preferred flexibility. The platform covers credit cards, digital wallets and bank transfers enabled for automation on each linked cable account details to the new profile, ensuring that no due dates are missed again. The user interface is easy to navigate and the user experience is seamless; you can your past and present bill payment histories displayed on the ‘Transaction” tab.

Download the Nosh App

Frequently Asked Questions About Cable TV Bills

What payment options does NOSH offer for cable TV bills?

NOSH knows that flexibility in money management is essential, therefore it offers a variety of payment options, including a virtual bank account whereby you can top up for an account to fund your bill payment, sell gift cards to fund bill payment and digital wallets. So you can select the one that works best for you.

How do I manage my cable TV bills on NOSH?

Once your transactions have been completed on the Nosh App, you can always manage your transactions history via the ‘Transaction’ tab. You can come back anytime to check and you will find the time, date, token and several other information.

Is NOSH secure for online bill payments?

Yes absolutely. Notably, the Nosh App is known for maintaining user privacy by utilising effective security measures like encryption technology. Security remains a topmost priority when using services offered by NOSH.

What if I encounter issues or have questions while using NOSH?

With customer support on standby for 24 hours, concerns and issues can be directed expeditiously towards this team.

Can I use NOSH for other bill payments besides cable TV?

Yes absolutely. Beyond cable TV bills, Nosh can also accommodate other types of bill payments such as electricity (prepaid or postpaid), wifi/internet (Smile and Spectranet), fund bet accounts (up to 25 betting platforms), airtime and data top-up. Enabling users to access one platform where they manage all their payment needs without hassle. And you can carry out this transaction without any hidden charges.


Look no further than NOSH for an innovative platform that will make paying your cable TV bill easier while offering you more financial control. Nosh is a convenient solution that is easy to use. NOSH is the ideal option for anyone who wants to say goodbye to stress and hello to hassle-free payment experience. It offers a variety of payment options, a seamless interface that makes managing bills a breeze, and wonderful features and services for optimising financial management overall. All of these features are offered concerning user privacy and security. Ready to learn more about what NOSH can offer you? Join now to take advantage.



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