How To Buy GameStop Gift Cards And Make Use Of Them

Playing video games is one of the best hobbies for youths, and thankfully, GameStop contains enough goodies for a pastime. If you are a gamer and are in need of a GameStop gift card, then in the actual sense you are in search of a gem that can access a lot of game accessories and collectibles on GameStop.

In this article, I will walk you through what you need to know about how to buy a GameStop gift card and use it to ensure you can get the best from it to enhance your gaming experience. Moreover, the gift card can also be a perfect gift to present to a gamer in your life during a special occasion or holiday. 

GameStop gift cards

Purchasing GameStop Gift Cards

You can see these gift cards as a means of payment at GameStop retail stores and can be used for payment at checkout online to be able to select from an extensive range of gaming items. Moreover, there are two types of GameStop gift cards, which are, physical and digital types. 

The physical ones can be bought from physical stores while the digital ones can be purchased online and sent to your email or accessed on the platform’s account instantly. If you want to buy a GameStop gift card, you can easily do so via the Nosh App instantly at a good price and can provide a good way to gift your recipient and get them to engage with the gaming world. 

How To Buy a GameStop Gift Card

There are various ways by which you can purchase the gift card, which includes, In-Store and Online. We will look into them in detail below:

1. Purchase In-Store: You can buy a physical GameStop gift card in-store by simply walking into a closeby retail store that sells gift cards, picking up one that has your desired denomination, and walking down to the counter to make payment.

2. Purchase Online: Another way to get your gift card is by purchasing it online. This method comes with convenience and comes with no hindrances as you can make your purchase from anywhere without being restricted by distance. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Buy a GameStop Gift Card on NOSH

NOSH is like the king of gift card trades. So, If you want to purchase a GameStop gift card instantly online on the Nosh App, below is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Visit the Nosh website or App 
  2. Create an account, or log in if you already have an account
  3. Navigate to Buy|Sell Giftcards
  4. Then select Buy Gift Cards
  5. Search and select the country of the gift card you want, for example, the United States
  6. Search for GameStop, and select it when it appears
  7. Select the amount from the dropdown, for example, $100
  8. Then hit how many quantities of the gift cards that you need
  9. The amount to be paid in naira will be shown part the screen.
  10. Click on Proceed to confirm your purchase. 

GameStop gift cards

How to Make Use Of GameStop Gift Cards

1. Can be used for pre-ordering games: You can easily use your gift card to pre-order new releases to be assured that you will get a copy kept for you and making it a convenient option.

2. Can be used to subscribe for gaming services online: Another way to utilize your gift card is by subscribing to gaming services such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live

3. Can be used to get recent games and accessories: If you are looking to get the newest AAA release or an indie release your gift card can grant you access to them on the GameStop platform. Moreover, you can buy gaming accessories such as headphones, controllers and even virtual reality headsets (also known as VR goggles) to improve your gaming experience.

4. Can be used as a gift: You can give away your gift card to a gamer that you have as a family or friend to celebrate a special event in their life.

5. Can be sold for cash instantly on Nosh: If you have a gift card and would prefer cash over using it at the store or online to purchase games and gaming accessories, then you can swiftly sell your GameStop gift card on the Nosh app and for the best rate.

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How to Redeem GameStop Gift Cards Online

GameStop gift cards can be redeemed online on the website. Below is a direction on how to redeem your gift cards online on Gamestop:

  1. Go to your Gamestop profile
  2. Then navigate to the sign-in page, to log in to your account
  3. Select Redeem prepaid card.
  4. Then Input your secret code
  5. Proceed by clicking on Redeem.


In this article, we have touched on the different means to purchase a GameStop gift card and how to easily and quickly get one online by using the Nosh app. This writeup also highlighted some of the best ways to use your gift card and by understanding this you can level up your gaming experience and make the most of your gift card budget.



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