How To Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance Using 3 Different Methods

Among all the gift cards that you could own is a Macy’s gift card. It’s a cool gift card to have especially when you are a shopping freak. Now before you shop, it’s ideal to find out if your balance can cover your expenses. This can’t be done except you know to check, right? That’s why I’m here to help out. This article focuses on how to check Macy’s gift card balance. Let’s get started.

Ways To Check The Balance On Your Macy’s Gift Card

Let’s look at the three different ways to check the balance on your Macy’s gift card.

Option 1: Check Macy’s Balance Online

Follow the steps below to check Macy’s balance online:

  1. Visit Macy’s balance checker page on your PC or mobile device.

  2. Type in the 15 digits beneath the bar code on your gift card.

  3. Enter the 3 or 4 CID numbers.

  4. Check the “I’m not a robot” button.

  5. Click on the “View Balance” button.

Check Macy's gift card balance

Option 2: Check Macy’s Balance On The Phone

  1. Dial 1-800-511-2752 to access Macy’s Customer service.

  2. Listen to the instructions carefully whether you choose to follow prompts or speak to a live rep.

  3. You need your gift card number and CID/PIN either way.

  4. Your current balance will be provided to you.

Option 3: Check Macy’s Balance In-Store

The third method to check your Macy’s gift card balance is to visit a nearby Macy’s store. Note this method also works for virtual Macy’s cards. You will only need to provide the gift card number to the cashier. They will use the details you provide to check the current balance on their system.

Next Steps After Checking The Balance

As much as it’s important to check your balance, I don’t expect that you toss it back inside your wallet or wardrobe. It’s no good to let a Macy’s gift card go to waste. To be honest, no gift card deserves to go unused. There are cases where you may not be interested in shopping with your Macy’s gift card. That’s totally fine. Your Macy’s gift card can be exchanged for cash on the appropriate website. Yes, you can sell your Macy’s gift card and use the money for some other things not available on the brand’s website. All you need to do is sign up on the Nosh website or download the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Macy Gift Card Used For?

Macy’s gift cards are used as a payment method to purchase at the store.

2. Why Is My Macy’s Gift Card Invalid?

Invalid Macy’’s gift card error either means your gift card is yet to be activated or you entered the wrong code.

3. Does Macy’s Gift Card Expire?

There is no expiration date on Macy’s gift cards.

4. Are Macy’s Gift Card Refundable?

Yes, you can return your Macy’s gift card for a refund provided you’ve not redeemed it.

5. How Much Is A $100 Macy’s gift card in Naira?

Currently, a $100 Macy’s gift card is valued at around 38,000 and 46,000 Naira. You can find out the current value with our rate calculator.


This covers all three methods you can leverage to check the balance on your Macy’s gift card. Checking via the Macy’s website is the fastest approach among the options recommended. The other options you can consider include calling Macy’s customer service on your phone or visiting the physical store. It’s always a good move to check your balance before shopping to avoid unexpected heartbreak.



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