Top 5 Gift Card Types Available In The Philippines – Updated Jul 2024

There are several types of gift cards in the Philippines used by both businesses and individuals for their benefit. In this article, I will address the Top Five Gift Card Types Available In The Philippines.

According to a report, the gift card industry in the Philippines has a steady compound annual growth rate of 12.0% between 2017 and 2021. It was predicted to grow by 14.4% annually to reach US$605.5 million in 2022 and US$954.5 million by 2026.

The Philippines has a great number of e-commerce businesses both within the country and worldwide. This e-commerce offers gift cards for customers to use as payment options.

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Benefits Of Gift Cards In The Philippines

The benefits of gift cards in the Philippines include gift alternatives and payment alternatives. They are also budget-friendly.

  1. Gift Alternatives: gift cards are used on a large scale as gifts in the Philippines. Virtual gift cards, most especially, are embraced as gift options.

  2. Payment Alternatives: spending cash in Philipinnes might not be easy as a visitor. But gift cards can save the day. With gift cards, you can easily shop with no currency exchange headache.

  3. Budget-Friendly: transactions in cash can undoubtedly attract charges. Spending on gift cards helps curb unnecessary spending and encourages spending within a budget.

List Of The Gift Card Types In The Philippines

  1. Retail Gift Cards
  2. E-gift Cards
  3. Multi-Brands Gift Cards
  4. Restaurant Gift Cards
  5. Experience Gift Cards

1. Retail Gift Card

Retail gift cards are the type of gift card that is majorly provided by a certain retail store or chain of stores. These types of gift cards can only be redeemed at the store that offers them. They are a great alternative to gifts. Recipients of the gift cards have the freedom to redeem them for items sold by those retailers. Popular retail stores in the Philippines include SM department stores, Ayala Malls, Lazada, and Jollibee.

2. E-Gift Card

E-gift cards are also digital/virtual gift cards. Upon purchase, they will be delivered via your mail. You can purchase egift cards from both retailers and service providers in the Philippines. They are a great alternative if you can’t physically present your recipient with a gift. If you are a typical online shopper, e-gift cards are ideal for you. Great examples include Steam gift cards, Apple gift cards, etc.

3. Multi-Brand Gift Card

Multi-brand gift cards are the types you can use at various brands. They offer so much flexibility as to where they can be redeemed. You can also gift your loved ones this type of gift card. The recipients can choose to redeem the gift card at any of the brands. Examples of these brands include GCash and Giftaway. Gift cards like Visa gift cards and American Express gift cards are also good examples.

4. Restaurant Gift Card

Restaurant gift cards are majorly used at the restaurant or chain of restaurants that offer them. If you love food like me, then this type of gift card is for us. Several restaurants based in the Philippines offer gift cards for customers. They include Jollibee, Max, and Shakey’s. If your friend is a foodie and based in the Philippines, you can get them off of these gift cards.

5. Experience Gift Card

Experience gift cards are specific gift cards that can afford you a special experience. Experiences like a concert, cooking class, or spa day. This type of gift card is so ideal if you want to give your recipient a memorable experience. Examples of Experience gift cards in the Philippines include Deal Grocer and Experience Philippines. These gift cards can offer you luxury spa treatments and scenic flights.

Best 5 Gift Cards In Phillippines

  1. Apple Gift Card
  2. Amazon Gift Card
  3. Steam Gift Card
  4. PlayStation Gift Card
  5. Razer Gold Gift Card

1. Apple Gift Card: Apple gift card is widely used in every country including the Philippines. They are available for purchase in different stores based in the Philippines. These gift cards can be used to redeem any Apple products. You can also exchange Apple gift cards for cash on the Nosh platform.

2. Amazon Gift Card: Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the Philippines. One of the popular questions surrounding Amazon gift cards in the Philippines is “where can I get Amazon gift cards in the Philippines? Amazon gift cards give one of the highest returns when exchanged. If you own one, it makes sense to sell the Amazon gift for cash. 

3. Steam Gift Card: Gaming is one of the popular activities the Philippines is known for. This leads to why Steam gift card is popular and used in the Philippines. They are available in several denominations and can be purchased in the country. They are one of the gift cards with the highest rate worldwide. You can get a great return when you sell Steam gift cards on Nosh.

Steam gift card

4. Playstation Gift Card: PlayStation is another popular gaming type. Filipinos purchase Playstation gift cards to have access to items. They include digital content on the PlayStation store, memberships, or add-ons.

5. Razer Gold Gift Card: Razer platform is one of the largest brands providing gaming content. A Razer Gold gift card can get you both the software and hardware offered by the brand.

FAQs On Philippines Gift Cards

  1. Can gift cards be used online in the Philippines?

    Yes, you can use gift cards online in the Philippines. Gift cards like Lazada and Sodexo Premium passes can be used to redeem items online.

  2. Do gift cards have expiration dates?

    Yes, certain gift cards have expiration dates. Ensure to read the terms and conditions to confirm the expiry date.

  3. Can gift cards be used for purchases outside of the Philippines?

    You can use some gift cards in and outside of the Phillipines while certain gift cards are particular to Philipines alone.


There are different types of gift cards in the Philippines. They include retail gift cards, e-gift cards, multi-brand gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and experience gift cards. These gift cards serve different purposes but collectively are great payment and gift alternatives. You can sell the best gift cards on the Nosh platform. Nosh is the best gift card trading platform for the purchase and exchange of gift cards.



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