How To Use A GameStop Gift Card Online

Do you own a GameStop gift card and wondering what to do with it? This article is for you. I will explain how to use a GameStop gift card online and the different ways you can use it.

The GameStop gift card is a great means of online shopping. It has helped me improve quite well in my gaming skills. And I believe you can hop on it too. Let’s get to it.

Different Ways To Use A GameStop Gift Card

GameStop gift card offers you various options on how to be used. Let’s look at them below:

1. Buy Video Games And Gaming Consoles

GameStop gift cards are used to purchase various kinds of video games by Xbox, PlayStation, or PC games. They are listed on the GameStop site where you can make your selection and make a purchase. Not just that, you can just buy gaming controllers and accessories on the platform. Any gaming accessories that will offer you the best gaming experience can be purchased.

Gaming Controllers

2. Pay For Online Gaming Service Subscriptions

The use of GameStop is wide as you can also use it to make subscriptions to gaming services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. Using the gift card as a payment method saves you from using your credit card. It’s one of the good uses you can put it into if you are gifted a GameStop gift card.

3. Purchase Electronics

You can use GameStop gift cards to buy the electronics available for sale on the platform. Apple SmartPhones, Watches, Drones, Cameras, and any other related electronic can be purchased with a GameStop gift card.

4. Sell GameStop For Cash

This is one of the feasible options to use your GameStop gift card in Nigeria. You can sell GameStop gift cards for cash on NOSH. The ideal rate is available for your gift card on the platform.

How To Redeem A GameStop Gift Card Online

Follow the steps below to redeem your GameStop gift card online:

  1. Find the gift card number and PIN on your GameStop gift card.

  2. Visit the GameStop website and select the items you want to purchase.

  3. Proceed to checkout.

  4. Select “Gift Card” among the payment method options.

  5. Type in your gift card number and PIN.

  6. If the balance on your gift card can’t cover it. You can use your credit card to balance up.

  7. Review the order and complete the payment.

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  1. A man with game console

How To Sell GameStop Gift Card For Cash (Step-by-step guide)

  1. Download and install the Nosh app from your device’s official app store, i.e., AppStore or PlayStore.

  2. Open the Nosh app and select the “Sell Gift Card” option.

  3. Swipe or select your gift card name i.e. GameStop.

  4. Select the subcategory of your gift card e.g USA GameStop

  5. Enter the total gift card amount. The naira equivalent will be revealed immediately.

  6. Upload your GameStop gift card images.

  7. Click on the “Proceed” button.

  8. Read the important notice and complete the trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Is The Card Number On A GameStop Gift Card?

The gift card number is located on the back of the GameStop gift card. For a virtual GameStop gift card, it will be included in the email.

2. Are GameStop Gift Cards Reloadable?

No, GameStop gift cards are not reloadable. The gift card cannot be redeemed again once the balance is used up.

3. Does GameStop Gift Card Expire?

No, the GameStop gift card does not have an expiration date.

4. Can I Exchange My GameStop Gift Card For Cash?

Yes, you can exchange your GameStop gift cards for cash.

Wrapping Up

GameStop gift cards are quite simple to use online to make purchases. You can use your GameStop gift card to buy video games, pay for subscriptions, or buy electronics on the brand’s website. Another interesting use is to sell the gift card for cash. Nosh got you covered on that part.



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