How Much Is A $100 Amazon Gift Card In Naira?

Amazon is one of the top brands known worldwide including in Nigeria. It’s normal to be curious to know the worth of their $100 gift card in naira. Amazon as the world’s largest retail brand makes a variety of products available to customers. The variety of products includes household items, electronics, furniture, stationeries, clothes, etc. These products can be purchased via different payment methods including Amazon gift card which stands as the most convenient method.

Curious about the value of a $100 Amazon gift card in naira? Wondering how to convert your Amazon gift card to cash? You are at the right place. This detailed article will tell you how much a $100 Amazon gift card is in naira and other necessary things you need to know. Let’s get started!

What You Should Know About Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift card is among the top gift cards used in various countries across the world. The gift card was majorly invented by the e-commerce brand – Amazon to aid customers’ ease of payment for the products in their store.

Amazon gift cards are accepted as payment means in numerous stores across the world. They are available in various monetary values ranging from $5 to $2000. There is a way to check the balance on your gift card after every purchase.

There are different means of getting an Amazon gift card. You can purchase it directly on the official amazon site and could be gifted. The delivery of the gift cards is however divided into three. They are;

Amazon gift cards are available for sale in various places because of their popularity. They can be bought on the main Amazon webpage. Upon purchase, the physical gift card can be mailed to your house, and the digital code delivered to your email address. Alternatively, you can choose to print the card at home.

There has always been a general issue of customers requesting a refund on their Amazon gift cards. Kindly note that they are non-refundable. The alternative means to get your money back is to sell your Amazon gift card on a reputable platform. The concern as regards that option is to get the best rate possible for your gift card.

The exchange value you get for an Amazon gift card is determined by the platform used. People are finding it difficult to find an easy-to-use, swift, and reputable platform to sell gift cards. There are certain individuals that disguise themselves as one on the internet. Nosh remains the best app to sell all your gift cards.


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Some Features Of Amazon Gift Card

  • Amazon gift cards are non-refundable.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • There is no expiration date.
  • Amazon gift cards exist in several forms and denominations.
  • They can only be used on the Amazon site or certain stores listed in the brand’s terms and conditions.
  • Date up to a year in advance can be scheduled for Amazon gift card delivery.

How Is Amazon Gift Card Rate Determined?

There are various factors influencing the rate of Amazon gift cards. Check them below:

Form of the gift card

The kind of Amazon gift card you hold affects the monetary value you get in exchange. Features like it being a physical card or an E-code, and the amount as well e.g $100. Between the two forms, a physical Amazon gift card will give you more resale value.

The demand for the gift card

As the demand and purchase of Amazon gift card rise, it positively affects the rate. The resale value increases as the demand increases which influences the gift card’s value.

Gift card trading platform

There are various platforms offering gift card exchange services and their rates differ. It’s best to go for a platform that promises you high rates. High resale value is one of the features many gift card traders go for Nosh.

How Much Is A 100 Dollar Amazon Gift Card In Naira?

The current rate of an Amazon gift card today is 460/$. Exchanging a $100 Amazon gift card today on the Nosh platform will give you NGN 46, 000.

You can check the current rate of Amazon gift cards on the gift card rate calculator, at the point of reading this article.

The details you will be required to enter include the category of the gift card which is Amazon, in this case, the subcategory that will specify if it’s cash receipt or E-code, and the amount.

Once you enter these details, the calculated rate will be displayed below.

Realistic Amazon gift cards in white and black. Gift cards on an isolated background with a realistic shadow for your design. Stock vector EPS 10

Why You Should Trade With Nosh

Best rates: Our top priority is our customers. We understand the first thing you will appreciate is getting a good resale value for your gift card. Nosh gives you the best rate for your $100 Amazon gift card, $500 Amazon gift card, and other values.

Swift credit: With everything digital, payment should be swift and seamless. Once your exchange transaction is successful, you get your exact exchange rate immediately.

Readily available: You can sell your Amazon gift card anytime on the Nosh website or app. Your transactions are processed no matter the time and day you decide to trade. In case of any questions, navigate to “Contact Us Now” on the website. Alternatively, send a mail to or place a call at +2348125349466.
The customer support service at Nosh is top-notch as you are attended to in a very friendly and responsive manner.

End-to-end security: Your account safety is paramount to us. Your personal details and transactions are secured on our platform. Our system is built against online scammers’ entries. You can trust us with your data.

Good customer feedback: As a new user, it is logical to read reviews before hopping on a platform. The feedbacks we receive from our existing customers are testament to the best service we offer. The feedback is also helping us to scale the best trading experience for you.


The reputation of Amazon gift cards and the brand contributes to its high demand. It is also ideal as a gift for loved ones. You can also choose to sell it to earn some naira. Many platforms can get this done for you. But with Nosh, you are assured of the best rate, swift payment, easy trading, and secured transaction. Start by visiting the Nosh website or installing the mobile app from Playstore or Appstore. Sign up for an account and start trading.



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