How To Buy And Use eBay Gift Cards: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Do you have an interest in an item on the eBay website? This article will teach you how to buy and use eBay gift cards to purchase items from the store. They can be purchased online or in-store. There is a spending limit attached to each eBay gift card. You can find out by redeeming the terms and conditions. Although you can use an eBay gift card to buy products on the website, you can’t use it to buy other gift cards. Continue reading to learn more.

Where To Buy eBay Gift Card In Nigeria

You can buy eBay gift cards from a reputable platform like Nosh in Nigeria. It’s a seamless platform that allows you to buy any kind of gift card at affordable rates. In a few easy steps, you can purchase your gift card and it will be delivered to your email address. There is 24/7 customer service accessible in case you need help.

How To Buy eBay Gift Cards Online

Follow the steps outlined below to buy an eBay gift card on Nosh:

  1. Sign up with your email address on the Nosh website or mobile app.

  2. Verify your email address and log in.

  3. Select the “Buy Gift Card” option.

  4. Select the gift card country e.g. United States.

  5. Select the brand name of the gift card you want to buy i.e. eBay.

  6. Select the amount you want to buy. The equivalent in naira will be displayed immediately.

  7. Swipe to complete your purchase.

How To Use eBay Gift Card: Step-by-step guide

An eBay gift card can be used to buy products from the store. Learn how you can use it as a payment method on

  1. Create an account on eBay and sign in.

    How To Use eBay Gift Card

  2. Search for the items you want and add them to your cart.

    How To Use eBay Gift Card

  3. Click on the “Go to checkout” button.

    How To Use eBay Gift Card

  4. You will see a section with “Gift cards, coupons, eBay Bucks. Enter your 13-digit eBay gift card code in the below field.

  5. Click on the “Apply” button.

  6. Click on the “Confirm and pay” button.

Common eBay Gift Card Scams

1. Suspicious Phone Calls

There is a strategy called caller ID spoofing where you receive a call from a scammer disguised as someone you know. The call may also be disguised as from eBay customer support. It majorly involves the caller asking you to buy an eBay and share the code so your account won’t be frozen.

2. Fake Job Offers

You may receive a fake job offer via SMS or email and be asked to provide an eBay code so as to be granted an interview. Don’t fall for this trick. All approved jobs listed on eBay’s careers page do not request gift cards.

3. Fake Job Listing

Whenever you see an item on eBay at a ridiculously cheap price, take pause and reflect. Don’t be too excited and end up losing your money. These scammers tell you they are only doing this because of an urgent need for money.

4. Family Emergency

This family emergency scam has happened to a close friend of mine before. Apparently, the scammer has somehow had the information of your closed loved one. They claim your loved one needs a medical emergency and requires it urgently. They normally request to transfer the money instantly. Call your so-called loved one and verify before proceeding.

5. Computer Malware

You may see a pop-up notification on your device informing your system has a virus. Or a supposed call from an eBay tech expert. They normally direct you to contact a number so it can be removed. The person you are directed to then requests for gift card in exchange.

How To Avoid eBay Gift Card Scams

It’s imperative that you know how to avoid eBay gift card scams. Like an old friend would say, prevention is better than cure.

  1. Do not share your eBay code with anyone.

  2. Do not use eBay as a payment method anywhere else except eBay.

  3. Never input your eBay code on any website.

  4. Avoid sharing personal details via email.

In a case whereby you become a victim of an eBay scam, do not hesitate to eBay customer support to report the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can eBay Gift Card Be Used Anywhere?

Your eBay gift card can only be used at the point of checkout on the eBay website.

2. Are eBay Gift Cards Refundable?

No, eBay gift cards are not refundable. Read the eBay terms and conditions to learn more.

3. Where Can I Find My eBay Redemption Code?

Your redemption code can be found in the email sent to you by email. Check the email address you submitted when signing up.

4. Why Is eBay Declining Your Gift Card?

This may be because your eBay account is not registered in the US. Other reasons include an insufficient eBay gift card balance, a spending limit reached, or using an already redeemed eBay gift card with another eBay account.


eBay gift cards are easy to purchase and can be redeemed for items on the eBay website. You can decide to exchange your eBay gift card for cash on the Nosh platform. To get started, sign up on the Nosh website or the mobile app.



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