⁠How to Use Fandango Gift Card for Easy Movie Ticket Booking

When it comes to entertainment, watching movies is one of the popular ways to get entertained and relax with your loved ones after long work hours and unwind on weekends. As exciting as it seems, getting or booking a ticket for your desired movie might sometimes require a long waiting process.

Great news! The advent of platforms like Fandango makes it very easy and almost seamless. You can use the gift card to get tickets to your desired movies each time and even gift your loved ones. In this article, we have developed a step-by-step guide on using a Fandango gift card to obtain your movie ticket easily! Interesting, yes? Keep reading!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Fandango Gift Card

1. Get a Fandango Gift Card: Yes! The first step is to buy a Fandango gift card. The popular options include retail stores, online supermarkets, and online stores. You can also with ease get it from the Nosh App. If you don’t have the Nosh App, click on this link to download it. Afterwards, hop into the app, go to Buy Gift Card, select United States, and search for Fandango.

buy fandango gift card

2. Login and create an account on Fandango: Login to the Fandango website on your browser or log in on the app if you have access to the app. on the Play Store or app store and open the app. Once you log in, click on “Create an account”.

3. Search for Fandango theatres around you: Input your city/state or zip code in the search box to find Fandango theatres close to you.

4. Select your movie: After you’ve successfully discovered Fandango theatres around you, select your movie in the “Movies” section and browse through the available listings. Choose your desired movie, and the date you want, then select your preferred Showtime from the provided options.

5. Choose your seats: Fill in your ticket quantity and pick seat locations where available

6. Fill in your gift card details: After selecting your seats, proceed to the checkout page. This is where you input your gift card code, the unique code found on your Fandango gift card. Click on the gift card link under the payment section, and enter your gift card code accurately to ensure proper redemption.

7. Review your order details: Once you’ve entered your gift card information, review your order details on the review page. Your Fandango gift card balance will be applied, and if there is any remaining balance, it can be paid using alternative payment methods. Instructions for picking up your tickets usually vary depending on the theatre. Check for specific details before you proceed.

8. Complete your purchase: You can now proceed by clicking on ‘Complete My Purchase’.

9. Enjoy the Movie: With your tickets successfully booked, all that’s left to do is look forward to enjoying your desired movie! Get to the theatre on time, grab your popcorn, and enjoy!

fandango gift card

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Frequently Asked Questions on Fandango Gift Card

1. Is my Fandango gift card only limited to online purchases?

No, Fandango gift cards can also be used for both online purchases and in-theatre ticket purchases at participating theatres.

2. Can I use my Fandango gift card to purchase any movie ticket?

Fandango Gift Cards cannot be used on any other website but Fandango. It can be used to purchase a ticket for any show time available for purchase on Fandango.

3. How long do Fandango gift cards last before they expire?

Fandango gift cards do not expire so you can use them as long as you want.

4. How can I check the balance of my Fandango gift card?

To easily check the balance left on your card, simply visit this link

5. Can I redeem multiple Fandango gift cards for a single transaction?

Yes, you can redeem multiple Fandango gift cards towards a single ticket purchase, then explore with your remaining funds.

6. Can I gift a Fandango gift card to a friend?

Yes, absolutely. Fandango gift cards can be gifted to friends and families.

7. Do I have to install the Fandango app to redeem a gift card?


No. You don’t necessarily have to install the app on your phone, you can redeem your gift card on the Fandango website from your browser.


The process of booking movie tickets now seems very easy and simple with the Fandango gift cards. So you can treat yourself to a solo movie night or plan a cinematic outing with family and friends as Fandango Gift Card makes it easy. Now that you have a convenient solution for securing your movie seats in advance, start making plans. Enjoy your movies!



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